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women have u been temped to play with yourself when home alone?
You say you've been temped but have you actually done it? Sure I get tempted, only...
When something says don't touch/push are you more temped to touch/push it?
Definitely. My girlfriend tells me not to touch her all the time, but I just can't help it. Totally kidding.
Who has feel temped before for trying black magic?
If you are referring to Nestlés Black Magic chocolates, they are, as I remember, irresistible. If you are speaking of the occult, then no, I stay away from it because I am aware of how evil it...
I'm temped to change my avatar...should I?
I LOVE your pic but if u wanna change it go to or and they have cool pics! HoPe I hElPeD!
Translation from English into Russian?
Hello, The human translation of "Shoppers will be temped into the shop." is: "Покупатели будут временно...
when jesus was in the dessert and satan temped him?
Are you the next Tragic Typos?
This is at least the second time you're asking. Guess no one gave you the "go for it" non-guilt answer you have been waiting for. Either work at your marriage, or get a divorce. Anything in between, and you = bad person...
have you ever been temped by the fruit of another?
Tempted but the truth is discovered What's been going on Now that you have gone There's no other... i've got an apple on my desk? you want a bite?
ps2 not workin and im half temped to throw it?
i had a ps2 about a year ago and the same thing kinda happened to me with the clicking and not playing disks so i took it apart and some things were loose poor manufacturing is my guess but with the shutting off i...
Are you temped? What if you start and can't stop?
Then it's time to get a life.