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OMG I will be the laughing stalk of school tomarrow, I said I was getting a Nintendo Switch for my birthday an I got a POP Station!?
just say you dropped it on a hard floor and it broke tell them you were surprised at how easily it broke and say your mum and dad freaked out and went crazy at you
There's a mosque near my neighborhood. Should I tell trump?
...near your neighborhood. He has a very good brain, I can tell you that. He thinks it's terrible. But he has to...
What does possibly mean?
Like it means like maybe.
was he joking around or really being mean? :/?
Were you joking or being mean when you said "you can look but you can't touch"? It sounds like he was joking with workplace banter.... maybe his sense of humour is different from yours. maybe he thought you...
My ex to this day for the past five years threatens to tell my parents of being talking to him and showing him me naked if dont talk to him?
That's illegal. Report him to the police. It's called "sextortion" and revenge porn.
Can you guys give me your honest opinion on this?
I think your emotions got in the way of your thinking. It happens to everyone, so first thing is to not beat yourself up about it too much. Second, you say you're 18 and want to be treated as an adult, however, an...
Was Allah happy about what happened in London today?
...the earth, and his angels with him. NIV Jesus tells us the same thing about Satan. John 8:44 You belong...
Does this guy like me or not?
...quot;popular" girls that he hangs out with. How can you tell if a guy likes you? He'll stare, try to hang around you, find stupid...
My mom doesn't want me to move out because I don't have a degree?
...on. Things you can do to make it easier on her is tell her that you love her and appreciate everything she's done for...
How to get over a fear of a new school?!?
... figuing out WHO you ARE. And know what? I can tell by the wording of the question that youre not so bad! Good luck! ...