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2017 a jubilee year? This being a jubilee year gives reason to believe that Christ's second coming could happen this year. Any thoughts?
... needs to be in the third temple in Jerusalem telling himself that he is God. 2Th:2:3: Let no man...
Jared, daddy says you should get with the Russian bank president, complicit?
No. Trumpovsky told Jared Kushner to get in touch with Kislyak the Russian...
why was the television show Burn Notice cancelled and what happened to its cast?
They had a finale, the story was told. Jeffrey Donovan/Michael, played on Fargo...
Hey my birthday is on August 26. When is your birthday?
September 11th , yes its what is called disaster day... I get told that every time I have to produce up my drivers license. I want a whole new birthday date !!!
I'm kinda losing hope for life?
Sorry but I csnt help but laugh because this was me 5 years ago when I was 14. It gets better,l trust me. My social anxiety was at its peak at that age and I had 0 friends...
Is it rude to call someone big?
You should have been told that doing volunteer work at a mental camp that you were... do that. And then the caseworker should have just told the patient to apologize to you in person instead.
Do you think it's selfish to be a wandering monk on purpose?
No, it's just fine. You now ARE taking too long to put this in practice, imho. JUST DO IT.
I live in a townhouse disrespectful Neighbors won't turn down music!!!!? the Bible. Also talk to the building manager or owner and tell them. If you think the neighbors are going to...
If someone walked up too you and said lets play hopscotch what would you tell him?
Ok, but only for a little while.
How do i make my ejaculation (climax) more pleasuring ?
Rapid masturbation daily is the problem. Try every three days and take your time.