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Suppose that two circles intersect at two points P and Q?
suppose: 1) p is random point on line PQ, 2) the connection line of two ... four triangles in the graph which drawed based on the above suppose, they are p b1 o1, p a o1 p b2 o2, p a o2 inorder to prove PQ...
Do you believe this supposed person?
Well maybe this supposed person has been living in ... that kind of behavior. And maybe this other supposing fellow that doesn’t exist I just made...
Are girls supposed to shave pubic hair?
... nothing in particular that you are "supposed" to do with it. You can do whatever, because I thought I was supposed to get rid of it. I was way too ...
Be supposed to...Means that ....?
'Supposed to' usually means that it would be the correct thing to do. Saying...should be, or confirming that we are in the right queue. I'm supposed to look for good flowers, means that's what I should do...
Suppose and Supposed... wats the difference? when do i use them?
Suppose- It acts as a verb. Meaning: a hypothesis, assumption... meanings 1 a: pretended - twelve hours are supposed to elapse between Acts I and II 2. made or ...
PLEASE PLEASE can anyone tell me what the difference is between SUPPOSE and THINK????
- suppose we go to the cinema! We supposed him to be guilty. To... syn.- ponder , meditate, consider, remember,anticipate , suspect, reason, approve. SUPPOSE syn.- think , believe , assume , conjecture , guess , imagine , postulate , surmise.
Suppose that the function...?
You're right. Suppose that such a function f R -> R exists that is continuous...
supposed to / should - what's the difference?
I am supposed to wash the car - I ought to get out there and wash... to be washed. I am supposed to learn some Greek grammar for Friday...
Suppose that p(x) is a cubic polynomial...?
Suppose p(x) is a cubic polynomial with rational coefficients. It ...
What do you suppose?!?
Suppose what? What is the question? Do I think you and this person will get together in the future? How are we supposed to know that? Maybe try to reestablish contact with him?