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Is my bra supposed to be tight?
Bands are supposed to be a bit snug. Give it a couple of ...all the sizes around the one you're technically supposed to be can really help, too. Not everyone feels...
Is marriage supposed to be this hard?
Wassup Ray! Is marriage supposed to be this hard? TELL ME you 2 get along. Is Marriage supposed to be this hard? Who said it...
What does suppose mean?
suppose u have a million dollars what would you do with them? what is this supposed to mean? suppose you where in a movie would you be succesful? just thungs like that. when u use the word suppose u usually ask something
Probability question (suppose...)?
...a male raised to the number of males hired 2) Suppose that 6 female and 5 male applicants have been successfully screened...
Is a bridal shower supposed to be "elder" friendly?
Yes, it is supposed to be "elder friendly." Sheesh, these...s only for a few hours. They're supposed to make you look good, not make you look like a tramp in...
Suppose that two circles intersect at two points P and Q?
suppose: 1) p is random point on line PQ, 2) the connection line of two ... four triangles in the graph which drawed based on the above suppose, they are p b1 o1, p a o1 p b2 o2, p a o2 inorder to prove PQ...
Do you believe this supposed person?
Well maybe this supposed person has been living in ... that kind of behavior. And maybe this other supposing fellow that doesn’t exist I just made...
Moses Supposes His Toeses is Roses… ?
"Moses supposes his toeses are Roses, But Moses supposes... is a toes! Hooptie doodie doodle Moses supposes his toeses are Roses, But Moses supposes...
Is the U.S. supposed to be a democracy, a republic, or a oligarchy?
We are supposed to be a Republic. We have a Constitution that ...
Are girls supposed to shave pubic hair?
... nothing in particular that you are "supposed" to do with it. You can do whatever, because I thought I was supposed to get rid of it. I was way too ...