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What is considered life support?
Life Support is just that. It is any thing that a person needs to keep...a ventilator or c-pap would directly cause them to die, then it is life support. Some people can have a feeding tube for supplemental feeding because...
Child support.?
Child support will be definately modified. When a non-custodial parent paying...supporting the new born child. This reduces there gross monthly income for child support purposes. Additionally, it is obvious that the child support...
Why is understanding social support important?
Social support is the perception and actuality that one is cared for, need - as a human being we all have times of need. Social support can come from many sources, family, friends, pets, ...
What is child support?
child support is the financial responsibility of a parent that is absent from the household...and utility costs, clothing and medical etc. and not giving child support is a common way the absent parent tries to punish the custodial parent but...
Find the support in yourself. I've done this through music and connecting...look in the right ones, you can almost always find someone who will give you the support you need.
child support?
... and weekends...then you will not be able to pay your child support. Immediately seek a modification of your child support through the local...
legal aid,mi,for child support?
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Falkland issue?whom do Canadians support?
Why would you support Argentina for? That makes literally no sense...once British. So again: Why, exactly, would you support Argentina? And what's your problem that...
Financial support?
... they want to go to school until they are 30, it should stop. Most support arrangements provide support for the child through high school, then ...
Supporting the Troops?
"Support The Troops" was the slogan the first Bush... of being mean to the poor troops. To TRULY support the troops would mean to send them into battle only when absolutely necessary...