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What sociological research method did they use in the movie Supersize Me?
Supersize Me was a quasi-experiment with just one subject, the main character. It...
Why do people believe supersize me?
... documentary because they watch it and don't even stop to think it through. SuperSize Me bashes a successful company and people love to hate successful ...
How much did Morgan Spurlock make for supersize me?
Supersize Me grossed over $11.5 million but it's difficult to determine exactly...
Mogan Spurlock - Supersize me?
..., kiddo, not buying it. You just *recently* saw "Supersize Me" at a cinema? Even if you HAD, teachers wouldn...
Do you Supersize?
No, no one "Supersizes" anymore. Supersize was a McDonalds trade mark and they...
What happened to McDonald's Supersize meal?
Everyone seems to refer to the documentary "Supersize Me", because they are correct. If you watched it you...
why dont they supersize them????
A supersize pack of cigs would neeed a supersize lighter to light them. ...
After seeing "Supersize me", has anyone really been back to McDonald's?
If supersize me wasn't enough, watch the movie, "Fast Food ...
After viewing Supersize Me and looking at Fast Food Nation, do you think we have really changed the way we vie?
I live in England, near London, and we watched Supersize Me in English, we then did a debate on the fast food ...
which is a better documentary, food inc or supersize me?
Supersize Me is a lot more entertaining. Food inc is only good if you have a REALLY long attention span.