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What is the difference between suitable and proper?
As suitable means appropriate for the purpose, you can imagine that sneakers are... on fact but merely a matter of opinion. A bicycle is not a suitable mode of transportation during a winter storm because the rider is exposed to...
Would this be suitable?
Suitable? For you? It might. However these test bed setups ...
What breeds of snake make suitable pets ?
Many species of snake make suitable pets but it depends on whether or not you can... snake, there are other species that make suitable beginner snakes. But make sure you have the $300...
Is Windows XP suitable for web development?
Yes, those specifications are suitable for development. However, there are much .... If you decide to get Linux, make sure suitable drivers are available before you install it...
What Pet Bird is suitable and best for me?
A suitable size cage for a budgie/lovvie/parrotlet are very similar. All of these ...
Is This A Suitable Dirt Bike?
It is suitable for some purposes, not suitable for others. cushy ride of the Yamaha TW200 would be far more suitable. You can use the link below to check out pretty near all the...
What is a suitable variable?
Suitable would depend on the risk to the non test subject. If there is high risk to, lets say the public, then + or - 1% may be suitable variable. If there is low risk to the public then + or - 10% may be a suitable variable.
Kosher recipes suitable for toddlers?
If you want to know kosher recipes that are suitable for toddlers, the first step you should take is to learn about...
What is suitable work for someone over the age of 65?
Suitable jobs might include tutoring, community bus driver, editor for student ..., health, or skills it is hard to judge what would be "suitable" work. The site below is for Florida, but offers...
what is the suitable hardness of drinking water ?
Total dissolved solids (TDS) by summation Suitable -1500 milligrams/Liter or less- the EPA has ...