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what is sudden death?
SUDDEN DEATH is not a penalty shoot out. It is an extra time...this period whoever scores first is the winner of the match. SUDDEN DEATH Sudden death is a way of providing a winner...
In which sport the phrase : SUDDEN DEATH is used?
Sudden death provides a victor for the contest without a specific amount of time ..., the winner may result from penalization of the other competitor for a mistake. Sudden death may instead be called sudden victory to avoid the mention of death, particularly...
Sudden hearing loss?
Sudden hearing loss in one of my ears is what lead my... or days, and is devastating to those who experience it. Sudden hearing loss affects one in 5000 persons every year! That...
Sudden Sadness..?
Sudden sadness can come from many areas in your life. If you have lost...information this is what I believe could be causing your sudden sadness. : You have a heart of gold and the gift of giving to ...
What is this "sudden illness"?
"Sudden illness" can mean a wide variety of things. Heart attack or other...brain aneurysm, stroke...... sometimes families use vague terms like 'sudden illness' when a person dies of AIDS, alcoholism, alcohol poisoning...
Whats sudden death syndrome?
Sudden death syndrome usually refers to someone whose heart stops for no... you should worry about before you bother with an obscure occurance such as this. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is a scenerio...
Why am I so sad all of a sudden?
If it was sudden, you may have a nutritional deficiency or even a chemical interference... by the Pill and INH medicine. Suddenly I had to fix everything in my life, both...
blurry vison all of a sudden?
Sudden blurred vision is a very serious symptom and should not be ignored...could also be an allergic reaction. Go to the ER. I do not like the sudden onset of this condition.
Anyone ever had Sudden Cardiac Arrest & lived?
... By Mayo Clinic staff Sudden cardiac arrest symptoms are sudden and drastic................... Sudden cardiac arrest is the sudden, unexpected loss of heart...
What is a sudden death ?
* Sudden-death overtime in sports, in which victory is immediately awarded...-Claude Van Damme. * A contraction of Sudden Cardiac Death in medicine: unexpected death from presumed cardiac...