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what is subjective color?
Subjective color is a difficult concept to explain, but here goes.... SUBJECTIVE... head dependent on how your eyes and brain perceive it. A subjective color is the color it looks because of the way you see it. On...
Objective and Subjective Sentences?
Subjective vs Objective: In stories, newspapers, and the spoken word, people all over the...outright false. In order to do all this, you need to have a firm grip on what is objective and what is subjective. Definition of Objective and Subjective: Objective – is a statement that...
what is subjective reality?
Foundations of Subjective Reality If men define ...’s Nest What makes subjective reality possible? First, we need to define what we mean...
is the president subjective?
Being subjective or objective is not really a personality trait nor does it come with the job...and think objectively with the exception of those with narcissism. For example, I subjectively dislike abortion, but if given the task to vote on a bill to ban abortion, ...
What exactly is subjective reasoning?
Subjective means "relative to the subject." Broadly, there are two types of subjective ...some form of empiricism like the transcendental idealism of Immanuel Kant; in that instance, knowledge is subjective insofar as we need a man to know and that he knows using as basis some from of experience. Since he...
Is photography subjective?
Photography can be subjective. As an artist, understanding the medium they are using is...which are repeated by the photographer, day in and day out, nothing about it is subjective.
Do you think normality is subjective?
Do I think normality is subjective? YES ! Normality is also objective...normality" is simply a way of saying "subjective assumptions about what we "believe" is...
Following on from Zero Cool's question, do you consider morality to be objective or subjective?
Morality is both subjective and objective. In general morality is subjective, individual is subjected to objective morality and subjective morality. There are the laws which ...
Are poems subjective?
They are subjective up to a point. You can't just make stuff up, though... are mistakenly posing a false dichotomy. "100% subjective interpretation" and "enslavement to the teacher's one-and-only...
what is subjective reasoning?
subjective reasoning is based purely on one personal beliefs, ... and believe it is right where others do not. that is subjective.. whereas in cases of illegal crimes for example or in court ...