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Is this wrong ?
Nah don’t make it weird. Just be there for her. I’m sure she appreciates it.
Stupid school banned "white Christmas" because said it's racist?
How come beautiful snow is described as white, but dangerous ice is described as black!
My teacher held me back for a stupid reason. In the summer of 2018. So I'm doing 12th grade again except this time I will be 18. So she held?
Teacher can’t hold you back because you’ll graduate at 17. I graduated when I was 17. You were held back because you didn’t pass the grade. Your is a pronoun. You’re is a contraction for you are. Know the...
I was arrested by a liberal for celebrating Christmas?
You are not the most stupid person on earth...but you better hope he doesn't get sick.
The stock market under Trump is getting hammered. Is this what he calls winning?
...everything he is involved with 'winning', no matter how stupid it is.
Which race has contributed more to the modern-world: Whites or Blacks?
Anyone except a stupid brain dead indoctrinated liberal idiots knows the white race has contributed more to the modern-world.
What are real disabilities? Is it someone who aren't able to form a close and strong relationship?
...just to spread their nastiness and venom....and stalk Others, and make up stupid lies, like Ninefinger does to me. It just...
Do you ever think Twitter is TOO LOUD?
Stay off. I have an account of course but I only use it to check specific things maybe once a week.
Anyone else agree Jesus was a piece of doodoo, completely unworthy of worship?
... what you're doing in posting that question is stupid and childish. Grow up. Or at least post some honest questions...
Do you ever get tired of people online talking about how bad your grammar is, calling you stupid or saying you is a troll?
Grammar doesn’t bother me until someone uses poor grammar while insulting someone or calling them stupid. If you’re going to challenge someone’s idea or flat out call them stupid, you could at least do it correctly.