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Why are people so sympathetic to let ISIS fighters back into the United States?
People are stupid and bleeding hearts. That would should be executed, or forced to stay in a muslim country she chose to join. People like that do not deserve forgiveness or redemption.
Does AOC realize how she affected NYC with her tamper tantrum?
... think this is a good idea. They are truly this stupid. Oh and the tax breaks??? Even after the tax breaks...
Why do people think bloods and crips can be white?
These idiots are part of a gang culture that normal humans don’t participate in. As far as I am concerned, they are subhuman scum regardless of their skin color and should all be exterminated. Italian mafias...
WE NEED THE you really think mexican drug dealers try to smuggle $12,000,000 in meth through a checkpoint but won't do it ?
Yes. They are really that stupid.
Would Bernie Sanders be the biggest pot smocking Liberal candidate in the history of American politics?
...39;s dollar for long sentences, taking the time of police, it's stupid, it's hypocritical, it's just not worth doing. Anyone with a brain...
McCabe said Trump might be a Russian Asset, but aren't Dems worse because they are Devil's Asset for making USA godless and pushing abortion?
Shocker...a blue-faced anonymous posting a f*cking stupid question.
Americans: Do you think your stupid president Trump is more intelligent than Putin?
Putin is an old Cold War Warrior with decades of experience in espionage and hard man politics. Donny is a man born to vast wealth who likes being peed on by hookers.
Is Dicktard really stupid or is he just pretending to be?
He's mentally deranged.
If Republicans are so much in favor of border security; how come they don't want to build a wall?
are you drunk? or just really stupid?
Americans what do you think of Brexit do you think was a stupid decision or smart one? Based economy information today seems be a mistake?
Stupid. Just look at the poor voting turnout, then the shock afterwards. fvking idiots.