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Do women think men are stupid?
We dont think men are stupid, well at least I don't. Rather we're (or most are) aware...
Does Stupid lie?
a stupid does what he is told... that's why he's called stupid. which makes me stupid because i answered this stupid question...
Poll: Tell me something stupid?
My buddy Cameron is the source of a lot of stupid things..... :D To start, Cameron isn't exactly the...
stupid questions?
To get stupid answers! Some people come on here to chill out and have fun, if they want to ask what some call stupid questions who are we to judge?
101 stupid questions?
101 stupid questions is the questions that asked by some people...ask for the humor. You can refer to this site that provide all example of 101 stupid questions. 101 stupid questions: http://101-stupid-questions...
stupid but funny movies?
It also depends on what you think its stupid, but funny. Wow, because basically there are a lot of those movies...
Really funny and stupid video..!!?
Stupid stupid stupid. I've just lost half my life watching something stupid stupid stupid.
Is a Filipino stupid?
... are a Filipino. Right? Do you act & sound stupid for saying something like that on Answers? YES YOU ...
Stupid pet questions?
Stupid questions are really the lack of common sense!!! But I...
What does stupid mean?
stupid means - a person who is not very bright - lacking or marked by lack of intellectual acuity - in a state of mental numbness especially as resulting from shock - lacking intelligence :o)