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Tired of being called stupid.?
stupid is what stupid does... i guess. try not to put yourself in a position in where they'll have a chance to call you stupid. just stand back and let some other idiot take the hit
poll : are you stupid?
How would I know if I'm stupid? I'd be to stupid to know what stupid is
Somebody just called me stupid ?
stupid is a stupid word I prefer obtuse, cause it's fun to say try it, I think you'll agree that, and most people don't realize they're being insulted.
Am I stupid people call me stupid?
Most likely no, you are not stupid. Unfortunately, you are 11 years old. People ...
Smart or stupid ?
1-really stupid 2-smart cuz it will still affect the opponent 3-stupid...just to make an impact 4-stupid and just to make an impact 5-stupid 6-smart 7-stupid 8-smart it's gewd action...
Stupid Questions?
I think people who give stupid questions are just bored. Or perverted, ...
Every body calls me stupid?
you don't sound stupid.... Those are all great skills to have. Nothing wrong...academic stuff? like school subjects maybe? That does not make you stupid though even if you are not that good at school. Everyone just has...
Why Am I so so stupid?
Why do you think you are stupid? Why do you think you are not intelligent or smart? We all make...
We as humans can be stupid because of our intelligence?
Stupid is a judgment. Is a duck stupid ? Is a tree stupid ? The...and wrecking your car. You first thought " Stupid Tree ". Our intelligence only allows us to recognize...
Is there such a things as a pointless or stupid questions?
- Stupid question . . . depends on your definition of "stupid" (by most...