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Smart or stupid ?
1- Stupid! As much as I would love to see it, Khali would... kicked, so I guess this could be called stupid aswell! LOL! 4- Stupid! We need wrestling...
Are Americans stupid?
Stupid no. Misinformed yes. The American education system ...properly on foreign affairs. A lot of the time Americans seem stupid to non-Americans because they have been grossly misinformed about...
how do you know someone is stupid?
Stupid people never save their money for a rainy day, or retirement. Stupid people...believe things unproven thus becoming sheep easily led to the slaughter. Stupid people never try to be an honest friend. Stupid people don't like ...
Are the questions asked really stupid?
Stupid is kind of like Beauty.... truthfully there is no such things a pretty person. Don'...pointy noses and medium sized lips. It's all relative though! Same with the word, really, I stupid is relative.... sometimes we make facts on stuff like this because of the majority. ...
Why are people so dangg stupid?
Stupid is a choice, above all else. That's mainly the reason why it's so wide spread. And I feel your pain and frustration with stupid questions :P Normally I don't and shouldn't...
Stupid *drink* game....?
Stupid to you maybe; but consider this. You are member in good standing... rules stipulate that you: cannot call them stupid you can't debates them you cannot out them...
Why do atheists say Christians are stupid?
Stupid is as stupid does! And Christians insult atheists... making it, there is a strong tendency to use the word "stupid," though perhaps the term "cementhead" would be more accurate. Added...
Gettin Stupid?
...part of the Hyphy movement would describe this behavior as acting "stupid" or "going dumb." In contrast to much of popular American...
Stupidest animal on earth?
Goldfish aren't the stupidest animal on earth. The reason they over eat is because... than people give credit. Sloth's aren't stupid either they have just evolved to be physically slow...
Did "stupider" become a legitimate word in recent times?
"Stupider" has been in use for at least two centuries. You... Viewer for print use of "stupider" and "more stupid" -