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Nylon or Steel Stringed Guitar?
Nylon stringed guitars are almost always intended for classical and...texture out of the guitar, but you can safely use a pick. Steel stringed guitars are what you are seeing and ...
A difficult stringed instrument to play?
Any stringed instrument can be muted. When I lived in an apartment...
should i buy a nylon or steel stringed acoustic guitar?
Hello there, The tone is different between steel and nylon stringed guitars. That is about the only difference. They play exactly...
On stringed, fretted instruments, how can I improve fret accuracy?
No stringed instrument will produce even in tune intonation based on the median tuning...
Learning to play a Stringed instrument?
...39;s lessons in the primary level. If you already know how to play a stringed intstrument, such as the guitar, you will find the beginner's lessons a great...
How do harmonics of stringed instruments work?
When you here a harmonic on a stringed instrument the reason you actually hear a prominent note that resonates is...
can anyone help me find pictures of the four stringed guitar or 5 stringed guitar?
4-stringed and 5-stringed:
Steel stringed guitar or Nylon stringed - Which ONE is better?
Im a beginner and use a steel stringed guitar as they help in developing calluses quickly. and faster...
What is the most common unbowed stringed instrument found in a symphony orchestra?
I would argue the definition of "string instruments" and "stringed instruments". String instruments are the...
I'm looking to learn to a stringed instrument, what's the easiest to start with?
...'s recommended that anyone interested in playing a stringed instrument should start with the bass first, then work their way up to acoustic...