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Any stories?
...time, there was this man who wanted to find stories. A person gave him a story and it...stories. A person gave him a story and it went like this,'Once upon a time...
whats the story of your first kiss?
Hi Nicole, Story of my first kiss? Well, I was...a nice family with 2 daughters. - Moral of the story? A person rarely marries their first...
story reading.............................?
Story reading is the reading of story by one person to others(a few or a large group). One person picks any story and reads it out loud. The goal of story reading is...
Short Story?
.... Our elders, especially, often have interesting stories to tell. Take special note of dialect, intriguing names, ...
Ghost Stories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Scary stories
Tips for telling a good story?
1. Never introduce a story by telling your audience how they should feel: "This story...effect. 2. Never end with the equivalent of "So the moral to the story is …" If the point is not self evident, I've...
Story of your life?
Story of my life t open but it stays right here empty for days ... holding on too tight With nothing in between The story of my life I take her home I drive all night to keep ...
School stories?
Embarrassing stories? Oh boy, I have PLENTY! In 6th grade I...
story titles help (random)?'re trying to find a title for your own story. Hope these options get your creativity...a line or phrase from a poem that has to do with the story line. That's how the classic "Of ...
Carmen Winstead story?
The Carmen Winstead story is a classic Internet "urban legend." report from any reliable news agency that records any story similar to the Carmen Winstead / Jessica...