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What does it mean to be spiritually dead? ?
Spiritually dead is the condition of a person before God saves them...
Am I a dirty person spiritually ?
You are definitely not spiritually dirty; you might be deemed to be spiritually somewhat perplexed or undecided...
how do you become spiritually reborn?
Spiritually speaking, there are three (3) ways on the actual rebirth of ...
Spiritually speaking, why are you.......?
Spiritually speaking, I'm not voting for either of those clowns... far beyond anything I could've imagined. So spiritually speaking, I refuse to vote for the spiritually bankrupt mainstream goons...
Spiritually Alive?
I believe being spiritually alive is being closer to God than you have ever ...
Spiritually, what is our identity?
Spiritually, what is ones identity? Pure Being/Pure ...
Spiritually Dead?
... with the Lord's direction, to a Church where I feel spiritually alive! I've been here only a year. But... there's something...
Is being spiritually awakened from God?
... Bible does deal with being spiritually awakened, but it has absolutely nothing to do... are born from above, and begin to be alive, spiritually. Jesus spoke of this as the new birth, and...
Spiritually speaking?
spiritually speaking written backwards meaning what? and spiritually speaking is usually used to say something that has nothing to do with R&S
Has anyone ever been spiritually dry?
... of all, it isn't necessarily bad to be in a spiritually dry place -- unless it is because of sin. If we..., The Lord can use a spiritually dry time to cause us to examine what and who our...