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How flat or round was the earth before Christopher Columbus expanded it with the new world? Asia, since he was looking for a new way to get to the spices and trade goods of Eastern Asia. He or anyone else in...
Will the Spice Girls reunite to save the world?
What on Earth makes you think the Spice Girls could save the world. If you truly do then I am sorry to have to say you are living in a dream world.
what is wrong with my mom why does she seem like she's jealous or envious of me. she also seems like she has a lot of hatred in her heart?
What's wrong with her? Could be any number of things, none of which can be diagnosed by strangers over the internet, but MIGHT include things like BPD, NPD, etc.
Is board games still fairly popular to play with family and friends ?
... between games. There's likely some other games to spice up "Game Night", but this should give you some ideas...
What stuff do you put PAPRIKA on?
you can put it on what ever you want to use it on. its a very mild spice and often used for eye appeal more than flavor.
My boyfriend wants to have poop sex with me!?
It’s actually really fun. Enjoy!
why do indians-paki use so much spices in their food?
They use spices because spices taste good. You are obviously a dipshit AmeriKKKan scumbag who eats nothing but white bread.
What can I cook when its too darn hot to cook?
...coat chicken breasts lightly with oil, lay on cookie sheet, sprinkle with spices you like (onion powder and garlic powder are nice and neutral, cajun is good...
What would this spice be? Red and taste like salt?
There are many colors of salts, this was probably some sort of red salt. A couple of years ago I bought a package of various salts at Trader Joe’s called Salts of the Seven Seas, or...
why have India and China always , historically, been a region for very cheap labor? why they work so cheap?
"They work so cheap" because there are so many of them. When you have a surplus of labor especially unskilled labor the price that labor can demand goes down because there is often someone else who is willing to work a little cheaper.