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Is my girlfriend cheating?
There is not much evidence !
Sugar or Spice?
Spice is best.
I just turned 21. What are some good alcoholic beverages to drink?
...18 here in the Uk. And lastly, I love captain morgans spiced rum with lemonade, or Malibu and cranberry juice. TRY EVERYTHING...
What to do? (shy to go nude in public), and my partner has suggested to go to body painting event to bring some spice to our relationship.?
nutella is your friend and you don't have to leave home
Do you like wasabi flavor?
I love all hot spice... i love wasabi peas
What do you like or not like about Chicken Tikka Masala, also when and where did you last have it, and how much did you pay for what portion? called Marks & Spencer , an authentic version with whole spices and herbs , it usually cost over £4.00 but it was knocked down...
can someones wants changes in a cycle.?
Sure, most of us get bored and like a break or change. Variety is the spice of life.
What is your favourite spice/herb to cook with?
.... Thyme in chicken broth. Turmeric and other Indian spices in curries. Parsley added to baked or boiled...
Which sounds better: pumpkin spice pancakes or tres leches pancakes?
Tres leeches pancakes! Call me when they're done.
Anti-Spice product?
Milk is the best for things like Curry or Chilli that is to hot. Some find Ice Cream better and Whole Milk rather than Semi Skimmed or Skimmed. It is the...