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Our line-up of Trump challengers are huge epic duds. We need to spice it up with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ...?
Is she going to make fajitas for everyone?
Should i get mad if my boyfriend told me he watches porn? the amount of women who watch porn with their partners to spice up their sex life
Poll: what is your favorite spice or herb?
I'm assuming you mean pure spice and not spice mix. Spice cumin Herb: cilantro
A shroud of Turin question.?
Ironically, even if they claim that the Shroud of Turin matches the description of a "strip" of linen (it doesn't), they still miss the plural which existed in the original. AND they miss that bit about a separate cloth being wrapped around the head...
How to get my boyfriend to be a little more kinky in the bedroom?
... keep it to the bedroom for the time being, and think of ways to spice up the foreplay. Explain that if you had the chance to do something...
Dinner suggestions?
... sauce beef bourguignon coq au vin oxtail stew balsamic shortribs spiced lamb shanks nicoise salad cobb salad thai beef salad burrata Italian sausage...
Your favorite fish, prepared how?
...39;s not $20 for a filet, in a deep pan slow roasted with butter and similar spices. Let the brine come out and serve it as a soup.
Is no experience on your Resume sometimes better?
...the job you are applying to. Don’t lie or remove experience but spice it up to make it professional .also, you will want to send a cover letter showing...
For cold weather what is your chili choice and what was the ingredient that attracted you best?
...other varieties. The best ingredients are the spices and chili's used. You want a little heat, but there is no...
What's a way to make a room smell good naturally?
You can use a diffuser with essential oils, or get a small pan, boil some water in it and add dried spices like cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, citrus peels etc and simmer.