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Most of us violate Yahoo's terms of service constantly in the politics category. Why does Yahoo let us get away with it?
You speak for your self i never brake the Rules
Do you believe that Women can speak in tongues?
No one can miraculously speak in tongues today. That all ended around the end of the ...18; Rom 1:11). One of those gifts was the ability to “speak in tongues” (Ac 19:6; 1Cor 12:10) which meant “speak...
More Americans now feel that Your Liberal Media is a terrorist organization?
...anchor lady was talking to an illegal immigrant and she acted like she spoke Spanish or something, and literally completely mistranslated what he...
Why do Americans expect people with family members who fought for Germany and Italy during WW2 to be ashamed of them?
We Americans fought on the wrong side in WW2 if that makes you feel any better. When you look at what has happened the West since the war, I'm sure many troops would have switched sides if they...
Did the Romans force Jesus to "render unto Caesar," so to speak, before they crucified him?
The Bible doesn't say. On a side note, its perfectly fine to ask the same question day after day...maybe you'll get a different answer. However, why this question? Its not like it changes anything, no matter what answers you get.
Should I have the right to be mad?
...'t let him respond, don't give him the chance to speak. Just leave and don't look back, because at the end of the day, he...
Want him back?
...about him just say 'look, I really like you, back when we were speaking I kept waiting for something to happen but it felt like...
Dog attacking other dog due to stress of husband leaving.?
... is altered and can upset the "apple cart" (so to speak). Your 5 year old may now believe its HER role to be the pack...
Should I proceed with hiring an attorney?
To evict, the landlord (or agent of the landlord, i.e. property manager) must have good cause (breach of contract). If the late rent money was accepted (if the money order was cashed), the landlord can't evict for non-payment. If they didn't, they can. You can hire...
Are Brazilians Latino??
Yes, they're as Latino as any other Latin american country. Their languages all come from latin. Or if you mean latino is a racial sense, a lot of them are mestizo too.