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Spiritually speakin I live in a basement with no job and 100 seeds of Marijuana, what would God want me to do?
Spiritually speakin I live in a basement with no job and 100 seeds of Marijuana...
i am getting 22 in speakin and i want 26 what am i suppose to do?
Add 4. 22 speakin + 4 speakin = 26 speakin it's really simple math
irish speakin?
I don't think it means anything. It's just a filler. Geez, I thought my husband was the only one who listened to that kind of music....LOL! Is that Great Big Cee or someone else?
ppl speakin hindi..wat is 7 ratti panna...?? thanx..?
1. Panna is a very common gemstone-you need to find the English translation. 2. Ratti is a unit of weight. In ancient times they used this seed (Ratti) for precision weighing like that of Gold. 10 Rattis =1 Tola...
speakin problem....?
How old is your keyboard? It has sticking keys or the english you were taught in school, has become jibberish in your mind. This accounts for the weird changes in thought to type process...
Speakin Spanish?
Would you try to speak in Spanish with your mother or with your friends? If you asked them they would do it. Or if you want to learn Spanish fast, try one of the sample Spanish lessons, and you will be...
Does my speakin on da webernet affect how peeps view me, ya digg?
Yes or no... depending. I think...?
Atenolol and public speakin?
with regards to the tablets, i cant advice (you need a doctors advice on that) but when it comes to over coming the fear of public speaking i have a tip: you are going to inform a group of people about something that they don't know! you know something they don't know...
Spiritually Speakin', does anyone else find Levi Johnston ever so luscious?
NOOOOOOOOO..........he's already been tained by Bristol cooties. No thanks.
for spanish speakin ppl
I love you heaps (and heaps)!