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is this true or not or somewhat?
Somewhat, but not really. Long, negative obsessions may contribute to you ...
What's the best 'somewhat' affordable speaker brand?
"Somewhat affordable" is relative to your income (and perhaps what your wife...
Is corn pudding somewhat healthy?
Corn pudding is somewhat healthy as half the ingredients are healthy ones. Eggs...
Agree/Disagree, The Internet somewhat ruined wrestling?
Somewhat, in general the internet has ruin the element of surprise and shock and the world...
Which is the difference between 'kinda' and 'somewhat'?
Simply.. 'somewhat' is formal and used in writing. 'kinda' is.... All the same, if you're talking formally, you have to use 'somewhat' ! Anyway, 'kinda' (kind of) or 'sorta' (sort of) can be...
Physics problem -- inelastic collision (somewhat difficult, at least to me?)?
I agree, it s somewhat difficult. 1. A maximum angular displacement of -60deg means 30deg from the vertical...
How often do you use the word "somewhat"?
Somewhat never. However, you are more then somewhat cultivated... (lol.. just kissing the g.f's azz .. in case she's reading this.)
Are rings somewhat overrated?
... to get many rings in that situation. So rings can get somewhat overrated and you have to take things and put them into perspective...
somewhat hot?
...who says he's going to use you because he called you "somewhat hot". When it comes to his intentions ...
Personal Characteristics: Write not at all. Somewhat. Or very well. Next to each one? to look at people of the opposite sex - Somewhat (LOL, in what context?) 2.It... at all 11.I get upset easily - Somewhat 12.People who are ...