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Buffer solution?
"The" buffer solution? i don't know... "A" buffer solution? ...+(aq) + A−(aq) Any alkali added to the solution is consumed by the hydronium ions. These...
buffer solution(chemistry)?
A buffer solution is an aqueous solution ...the property that the pH of the solution changes very little when a the base. In general a buffer solution may be made up of more than one...
solid solution?
A solid solution is a solid-state solution of one or more solutes in a solvent. between solvent particles. Both of these types of solid solution affect the properties of the material by distorting the crystal lattice...
Explain isotonic, hypertonic, and hypotonic solutions?
Hypertonic Solution Greater concentration of solute outside of cell than inside Water potential...potential is higher Net movement of water into the cell from the solution across a semi-permeable membrane A pure water solution (DH2O) can cause ...
Math- are these real solutions?
real solutions will be equivalent to x-intercepts of the graph y = f(x). Every quadratic...1, or 2 x-intercepts of the corresponding graph. By real solution, we mean it is a real number, as compared to a complex ...
How do you Neutralize a solution?
Neutralizing a Solution means adding enough base or acid to get it to pH = 7. ...base or acid depending on what you need. pH < 7 = acid solution pH > 7 = basic solution Also, if you're dealing with...
bulk solution?
"Bulk solution" refers to that part of the solution where the solution's molecules...not by any solid or gas molecules (such as those in the container or above the solution's surface).
Solution question?
If a solution has a colour, then it is absorbing light of the complementary... example, red and green are complementary colours. If a solution is green, then that means it is absorbing red light...
Solutions preparation?
98% H2SO4 solution can be said to have 98 g solute in 100 g solution (i.e., 98 g solute ...85 = { 98/(100+x) } * 100 => x = 15.3 g So, if the 98% H2SO4 solution is 100 g, it has to be diluted to about 115.3 g by ...
What is Ringer’s solution?
Ringer solution which is intrevenously given to a patient is a solution isotonic to... by physiologist Sidney Ringer in 1882. The solution contains -130 mEq of sodium ions -109 mEq of chloride...