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Slight spotting and cramping. Period late/not coming?
try:slight spotting and cramping at 5 weeks.Search ...some spotting, i am so much ... - Cached First Symptoms Of...
What does a slight disablity mean?
Slight is a subjective term. What it means to most people is that the disability would not interfere with...more challenges to overcome. On the flip side some people who have what could be considered a 'slight disability' e.g. a slight lisp can feel hugely disabled and can be unable to function in society. It ...
sleeping w/slight scoliosis ?
Slight scoliosis is not a problem unless you are young and have not hit puberty...
Why is there a slight curve in my penis?
Slight curves can be cause by slight trauma to the penile tissues. If... a little wild lately, take it a little easier for a while. A slight curve is very typical, however, and if you are under 20, there is...
Is this Slight Tingling Sensation Normal, What is It?
Slight tingling sensations are caused mostly by minor ...
Is mild a synonym of slight?
In this context slight and mild can be used interchangeably, but they can both have other meanings...a small allergy and mild also means a non-severe allergy. However slight can also mean an insult, or that someone is skinny, or slight of hand. Mild...
what is a slight stigmatism of the eye?
Slight astigmatism: just means that you eye is forming in to a football shape instead of a basketball shape. You will notice you are not able to see as good as you would like to. Once you hit a -0.75 in an astigmatism...chagne the type of contacts (if you wear) you are in from regaular to a toric contact. Some people are said to see clearly with the regular contacts.You should be ok if you are haver a slight
Slight yellowing of eyes?
Not only jaundice, but many other health problems can lead to slight yellow color in the eyes, such as, malaria, sickle cell anemia, hepatitis, and ...
What does this mean? Real or imagined slight?
In many cases, "slight" means "insult".. when you have been insulted, you...
Puppy has slight diarrhea?
If is is just slight diarrhea it could be anything..., but sadly there aren't any real home remedies...