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So God loves you so much that he will torture you for eternity if you don't serve him slavishly?
...self and cause someone to burn forever. As for serving him slavishly ... Think of it like this. When you get married you make a...
What percentage of Hussein's slavishly adoring audience in his ABC infomercial last night were Republicans?
They had every right. Do you actually think conservative TV talk shows do not hand pick the audience with people of their views? We all know how the republicans feel, after all didn't they start criticizing the moment the word health care...
Why do Christians slavishly support Israel?
Part of it sucking up to "god's chosen ones" for sure. Part of it is holocaust guilt. Part of it is the unwillingness to lose one of the west's only allies in the middle east. Part of it is fear that if they criticize anything...
Why are democrats so slavishly adoring of their own filthy rich leaders and spokesmen?
Because there are nothing but filthy rich leaders and spokesmen for both sides.
What makes the American people so slavishly obedient?
It's all in the up bringing.*
Why is the English political Right anti-European, yet slavishly pro-American?
I don't think it's just the right-wing politicians in Britain that are anti-European, many on the left feel the same. It's a natural British distrust of the mainland since it's only this current century (so far) that one of the buggers haven't...
Why do republican drones always slavishly agree with the deserter in chief?
As a conservative republican, I totally disagree with the current administration. I think it is outrageous to side with this Texas Mafia. I am so sick of people sticking with party instead of issues. We should be voting for what...
Do all Armenians belligerently and slavishly believe in the Armenian Genocide said to be done by the Turkish?
They all believe it happened and they all will fight to prove to the whole world, and I know one day Turkish government will admit to the truth. No one can change the actual history and, at least not anymore... the best website full of information in many languages: http://www...
Why do atheists buy Christopher hitchens books/slavishly follow him if he's such a reactionary racist bigot?
I've never read or bought any books from Hitchens or Dawkins or any other atheists and they have absolutely nothing to do with me being an atheist or the fact that gods do not exist.
Is the Republican Party going to follow Trump slavishly and be his rubber stamp Congress?
No way. They want to slash and burn government. Trump wants to be like King Louis- "I am the State".