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How do I tell my sister she sucks without hurting Mom and Dad's feelings?
You don't. You're 23. Stop acting like you're 13.
My sister is an evil person. What makes someone like her evil?
People become evil by their choices.
Do Jehovah’s Witnesses Believe That They Have the One True Religion?
... neutral when it comes to war also because our brothers and sisters occupy every country and we would never kill any of them either. I have...
My Mom's sister forgave her class bully as a kid but won't forgive her family as an adult. Why would one do this?
I assume you mean her parents? If so, it's not that surprising. Kids who are bullies are not well raised. They're angry, and angry kids have reason for that anger, whether it's instability in the home, or toxic...
Are narcissists sick (mentally ill) or do they choose to be narcissists?
MY aunt told me that my Mom is a w.hore. How do I express that this hurt me?
Sounds like a family with issues. That happens sometimes and statements such as your aunt's fly around once in a while because of the intensity of those nasty relationships. Don't be carried up in them. You can say...
My parents hate my Mom's sister (my aunt). So they are demanding I hate her also. I like her though. What do I do?
Not hate her and simply explain that there is no point in them trying to impose their beliefs about her as you don not see her the same way that they do.
My Mother did not believe me when I had a stillborn, she insists I lied and wasn't pregnant. How do I get her to love me?
Your mother has serious issues which she's taking out on you. Know this, she will never change. She has something wrong with her thinking, and you will never earn her love. She probably enjoys knowing that you...
Can an 11 year old be transgender?
There is no age that is too old or too young to discover who you are. More than half of all transgender people know their true gender when they are very young (3-5years old). Of course, some discover it later in life, and some people are taught by...
What is it called when someone can sense the death of a person?
It is called spiritism. Get help. Clean the child's room of all things of the occult and things given to her from somone who practices spiritism. Deuteronomy 18:10-12 There should not be found in you...