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Tomorrow I'm telling my controlling mom and step dad in Peson I'm moving in with Dad. Any pointers?
This is kind of the same story for my twin sister two years ago. My sister could not take my emotionally abusive dad any...
Sister in law on the run could she make it worse.?
They will both be in huge trouble, We cannot possibly tell you the charges though, since that is up to the DA in whatever place has jurisdiction.
Why do educated, intelligent and pretty women date men who live with their mom still and play video games all day and don't have a job?
... off as unattractive, so sadly the opposite becomes attractive. My sister was kind of the same way. She would meet guys with tons...
My friend has pictures of my sister? Should I beat his a*s?
Forget about him, but do talk to your sister about this. She needs to know pics of her are being shown to others.
What's the worst a psychiatrist can do to someone?
...39;s mind that they will never be well. It has taken my sister almost 50 years to overcome the false idea that was planted in...
What should i do?
Your husband, not you, needs to talk to her and give her some sort of notice.
Why are girls afraid of everything ?
Not all females are that bad. The ones that weren't tomboys and played with dolls indoors are more likely to be more scared of stuff.
I’m lesbian and ashamed how do I tell my family?
For your own support call the gay center , talk to the counselor and meet other gals going thru the same journey. Make friends, listen to their stories, get some ides for your own life. You need to be strong inside to deal with all the...
Mother called me a devil?
Get out of that situation, FAST! Your mother is toxic, and you don't need her in your life if she's going to behave like that.
My sister is being mean to me, it hurts so much. How do I not care?
my sister does this too. what i do is just fully accept that shes ...