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I want my parents to get divorced?
Tell him that he has two options: 1. Family counseling that is not on his terms. 2. Continue to serve his role in your toxic family as a moneymaker without working on his problems and...
My mom says her sister is a narcissist. What does this mean and is she then dangerous?
...truly dangerous people are (manipulative) sociopaths, such as my lovely sister-in-law. Either way, maybe get to know your mom's sister ...
Would you rather......?
Already have A so B please... Or a younger bro or even a younger sis. Although I still would never trade my sis
My sister asked if she could see my penis & balls?
talk to her.... explain about personal thing and respecting others privacy and such.... not too detailed, just the basics... and do it when it can just be between the two of you..... if you can have some assurance that she understands that certain things are just between the two...
True or false?? Are siblings generally closer to each other than to their parents?
true in my case , my sister and I were always very close, we still are now we are adults.
If one set of twins marry another set of twins, will their children genetically be brother/sister?
Fuck's sake, people. Identical twins DO have identical DNA. Assuming that both sets of parental twins are identical twins, then the question is entirely correct. The cousins would be as similar, genetically, as...
my sister and I exchange nudes? much porn. You are starting to fantasize about your sister. Never a good thing!
How can i convince my wife I'm not the father of her sisters daughter? It's a shame your wife doesn't trust you or her sister. Marriage counseling may be called for as well. If...
Ladies be I a player?
playa no. player yes.
How can I help my future niece?
...39;s life in middle school will be hell because of her. If your sister wants to call her daughter Tori then she should just name ...