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Favorite Family Guy Episode?
All of the Stewie/Brian time travel episodes. The episode where Quagmire killed his sister's abusive boyfriend.
Will I Get Sick????
There's no way to calculate odds of you getting sick. You were exposed to her illness certainly by what you did. However, you were most likely exposed already just by being in proximity to her. Your...
Why is it that when someone is angry at someone else they don't see the good in the person, only the bad?
That's just how the brain works.
My great grandfather's sister forbid her children from ever seeing their father again after a couple divorced. Was that legal in those days?
depends on where they were and what the laws were back there, but whether it was legal or not it was immoral
What should I do?
...amp;version=NKJV I hope other Christian brothers and sisters will also pray that God will help you make the right choice to turn to Him...
How tall will I be?
Girls are usually the same height as their mum, my mum is 5'5, myself, my daughter and my sister are all 5;5 and adults, dad is dead now but was around 5'10 and brother is 6'3
How can I tell if boobs are fake?
If they are perfect round and way too big.
Wow can you guys believe it...Oleg is back?
A Christian sister (i guess) invited me by a private message to return and help here.
Is this sentence correct?
Yes, both are correct.
brother or brothers in here?
"I have two sisters and no brothers."