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Should I send my sister an e mail ?
Yes I would
Teenage girls who can drive would you do this?
Wear flip flops.
If my half sisters sister is hot, is there any rule against me getting with her?
Yes. dont do it.
My sister misused about $800 of my mother's disability last year, is there anyone I can contact?
... mother's SSN. Tell them how you think the sister misused the benefit (BTW misuse can ONLY be done by a...
Possession of marijuana in Missouri at age 16?
I'm assuming it's not legal. It will depend on what the state presses.. How much she had and whether there was intent to distribute. As small as one year probation and several thousand dollars in fines and fees up to two...
I don t know what to do because lately I ve been really sad about things that have been going on in my life. I ve been really lonely and sad?
He does not sound supportive at all. I'm sorry. Maybe you could talk to a counselor or therapist about how you have been feeling. He should be willing to help and support you.
High school girls who can drive would you have done this?
I think most people would, whats the problem? It's not illegal to drive barefoot. No, I'm not a high school girl.
Is it fine to have sex with family members i.e. sisters, cousins, etc.?
Most people would say that it's not fine to have sex with your sister.
People with down syndrome does that mean brother and sister had sex?
Down Syndrome has nothing to do with sibling incest.
What would be your reaction if your sister or brother walks around the house naked all the time?
Turn the AC down really cold to force them to put clothes on