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My sister and aunt are both bullies to people in the family. Is it best to ignore adult bullies and avoid them or is confronting the best?
...about setting boundaries. You can forgive someone like your sister and your aunt but still set boundaries in your life. If...
Depersonalization after mamas death?
... feel so badly for you. I can relate, all too well. Sadly, my sister died of Breast Cancer, this December 2nd...
What do you call your wife’s cousins spouse?
..., who becomes his wife. Jane has two sisters, who become his sisters-in-law because they are the siblings...
How do I tell my Mom that I'm ok with this?
This is a weird situation. I remember when I was 13. I never wanted to talk to my mother about feelings or her personal life. Yet it seems like you want to. Kudos to you for that. If you can work up the nerve, ask...
How does an 18 year old get an ID and SSC?
1. No one needs to know their SSN when applying for a replacement card. SS locates it with the identifying information provided on the form. Identifying info is the following: Father's full name...
Is incest more common in redneck families like popular culture says or not?
The people of the Appalachian Mountains (not rednecks) have been stereotyped this way, likewise European aristocracy. This has become one of the insults heard in political mirror barking...
What movie was it, where these British nuns were abusing the students, even killing some. I think it happened in Ireland or somewhere...?
The Magdalene Sisters (2002).
Leopard gecko - undigested mealworms?
Yeah I was gonna say before reading your update, it sounds like worms. Leo’s don’t digest like that just from sand impaction. Take him to the vet ASAP. If you can see the worms then it’s bad and he’s incredibly...
I've got a head of fiery hair and a turbocharged backpack, but my genius sisters use me like a lab rat. What should I do?
Confide in your best friend, the talking dog.
What is a good college major for this movie character?
If the sister likes debate, consider something along the lines of Political...