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Simple Carbohydrate?
Simple carbohydrates are smaller molecules of sugar unlike the long chains in starch...or converted to fat. The cell can only store a limited amount of glycogen so in many cases simple carbohydrate loaded foods may contribute to body fat stores. This rule can change if the glycogen...
how to make a simple meringue?
Simple Meringue is easy and "Simple" To cover one...
Passe compose or passe simple?
Passé simple used to be THE tense of literary (past) story-telling ("le...que-parfait), whether events were considered with (passé simple) or without (imparfait) their time boundaries. Out of ...
Simple Intrest - Simple intrest is basically when the bank pays... example: If you put $5000 in the bank for 5 years at 8% simple intrest, the bank would pay you 8% times you $5000 every year, which would add up...
purpose of simple machines?
A simple machine is a mechanical device that changes the direction or magnitude of a force. In general, they can be defined as the simplest mechanisms that use mechanical advantage (also called leverage) to multiply...
Can a simple sentence have a Direct Object?
Yes, a simple sentence can have a direct object. In fact, a simple sentence can have a compound predicate...ball and and threw the bat at John. Those are both simple sentences. In the first, "John" is...
Differentiate between simple and compound interest.?
Simple interest is calculated only on the principal. Thus if you owe $2000 with a 12% simple interest rate per... 100*((1+x/100)^n-100) The rate increases as the time period decreases so our 12% simple interest became 12.68% in monthly increments. Do it daily (rate is 12/365%) and the overall...
Simple syrup?
Simple Syrup is a liquid sugar that is 2 parts water to one...not sure of brands) but it's very easy to make on your own. Simple syrup works great in mojitos, margaritas and the like. the...
Simple Diet?
Here are some simple diet guidelines that will help you make good food decisions: - ...
examples of simple assault.?
Simple: Saying something like I'm going to kill you in such an aggressive manner that a reasonable person would be placed in fear of a battery (getting hit) ...serious battery, one that could cause death or great bodily harm. The specific definition would depend on the alws and court precedent in the specific state. In some states a simple assault is called a terroristic threat.