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Favorite show???!!?!?
... in Philadelphia. I actually just learned about this show a month ago (well, I actually gave it a chance and watched it...
Good Comedy tv shows?!?!?!?
- Community: brilliant show on NBC. It's about 7 students who form a study group in... Development: This is probably the funniest show I have ever seen. It's just brilliant and hilarious. - 30 ...
Who here shows sheep?? :)?
Showed sheep and cattle all through high school. I showed sheep and cattle, but... hogs and goats and rabbits. My second year showing sheep I made $4100 with a seventh place lamb. My last year...
.........About Horse Shows?
4-h shows- around $5-10 for an all day fee, or free schooling shows- around $10...around $15/class AQHA/breed shows- around $35/class, $100 circuit fee (3 day show), $100 all day fee every show is different, all of these prices ...
what is the best dog for show?
1---not all pure breds can be shown, they have to be of breed standard, if not the dog is...breed you really love and want to improve the breed standard by showing an outstanding breed standard has...
saddle seat shows?
There's a lot of shows that have Saddleseat or Saddlebred Classes. there ...and places they are at. i will do my best to find shows in Ohio. Day Show~ In Delaware: http://www...
lesbian shows?!?!?!?
Gimme sugar -I love this show! on Logo watch all of the episodes here
Marching Band Shows? marching band shows...hmm. Well, a few years back, our... by him, but it made for a great show. We won States that year =D (not...
What are you favorite shows?
top shows 1. all the degrassi's 2. prison break 3. queen bees 4. house 5. the ...10. the n's student body 11. americas best dance crew all the shows on the-n basically and on fox top movies 1. degrassi schools out...
Show desktop?
the Show Desktop.scf file or a shortcut to it is ..., and then save the file to the Quicklaunch folder as Show Desktop.scf. It will then be in your...