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airsoft shotgun?
This shotgun fires one pellet per shot... which claim the shotguns they sell have a "multi-burst...of Tokyo Marui Shotguns:
Question about shotguns?
The first shotgun I'd look at for a defensive shotgun would be a Mossberg 500 and...forearm. When you say pistol grip there is two pistol grips for a shotgun. First is the true pistol grip and the second is a pistol...
Home Defense Shotgun?
A 12 gauge shotgun is "damn near" the perfect home defense weapon. It...believe that is their best selling HD shotgun. If you desire a more solid model, the Remington 870 police...
Why Shotguns?
A shotgun is not "necessary". A shotgun is just one of several the ammo. It is determined by the choke and most defensive shotguns have little or no choke. Good defensive shotguns do have sights...
when to use a shotgun or riffle?
Shotguns are short to medium range weapons. If you are a good shot and have a shotgun that ...about 40 yards. At 40 yards, most birdshot won't even penetrate a heavy jacket. Shotguns are best for wing shooting birds and waterfowl, but are also required...
Improvements for the shotgun.?
Shotguns are pretty much the simplest modern firearm there is, and there'... in tight spaces, or in the case of semi-auto and full-auto shotguns, trying to do whatever they can to avoid jamming problems...
What is the best self defense shotgun?
The only shotgun to consider for home defense is the Mossberg 500...the technical details as to why the Mossberg 500 shotguns are better.....
Where did 'calling shotgun' come from?
To ride shotgun is to sit in the front passenger seat when riding a car or other vehicle.... In contemporary tradition, in order to claim the seat, one must "call shotgun" according to some set of informal rules. It is the...
Best defensive shotgun ammo?
The first thing to remember about a shotgun is that it is a limited range weapon...penetration, which can be bad, but a more lethal shot. With the shotgun, almost any load will stop a threat, under normal conditions...
What gauge Shotgun is best for Home Defense?
A 20 gauge shotgun will send the same sized pellets/shot at the same ...person attacking you. Loading and reloading any shotgun involves a lot of fine motor skills. Even more...