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shooting drills?
work on shooting when your not competing get to the gym early... arms will get extremeely tired if you shooting mainly with the weak upper body muscles power come from...
Basketball Shooting!?
the important thing is to be shooting right- here are some guidelines there ...with just added amounts of leg power? instead shoot early in the "up" of the down up motion you make when...
Shooting (HELP!)?
How to shoot a basketball Below are... should be in this position when shooting a set shot or before jumping for... good video on how to shoot a basketball is at
Help me with shooting?
Shoot from the free throw line or just inside it. 1 - Spread both of your... your knees. 3 - Keep the elbow of your shooting arm vertical. This is the determining factor as to whether the...
shoot better?
...shooter if your doing something wrong your shooting will only become worse as the motion becomes... under pressure and log range shots when you shoot, push your arm out extending it as far as...
Basketball Shooting?
"Your elbow-to-your-shooting-hand MUST be pointed directly at the...." "The palm of your shooting hand under the basketball." "Only the...
Guns that shoot plastic BB's?
because guns that shoot plastic bbs are ... to most BB guns that shoot 350-750 fps with a .34 gram steel... and 'snipers' can shoot up to 550 fps with .2 gram. it...
what is skeet shooting?
Yep its shooting clay disks with a shotgun and it’s a world wide sport that... who are experts at skeet and can out shoot lots of men. My wife is better...
Cowboy action shooting?
You can most certainly shoot with smokeless powder. Those who shoot with black powder will be in a separate category... you are dedicating the firearms to the Cowboy Shooting, go with .357 Magnum and shoot .38 Specials. You will be...
Rated t shooting games?
Shooting games, I like these and here I recommend these games for....shtml Twilight Wars is a multiplayer online combat shooting game which interweaves countless epic battles. Choose ...