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What does "a savage servility slides by on grease" mean?
..., giant finned cars nose forward like fish; a savage servility slides by on grease." Savage servility means to be cravenly...
How do you find a 4digit servility code?
Can you be more specific? What is a 'servility code'? There are 10,000 possible codes with 4 digits (if numbers can be repeated).
What do you define politeness to women & what servility to them ?
being courteous to other people is politeness. acting as if someone else is better than you is servility.
How can we make a sentence with 'servility'?
One's act of humbleness should never be confused as an act of servility.
Christians only: Why does the Bible encourage servility?
Because it's so much easier to control a docile populace.
Mormons, is this why conformability and servility is so valued in your church?
This problem came up early in the church. Joseph Smith used a seer stone to receive revelations, and other members of the church started doing the same thing and claiming the revelations they saw in...
check the link , It is not servility in the name of spa or tourism?
OMG! That woman has three legs!!!!!!!!1
Atheists: Would you rather die free and on your feet, or live forever kneeling in blind Servility ?
Well that's an obvious answer. Die free and on my knees. (Iffin ya know what I mean)
What do you define politeness to women & what servility to them ?
Perhaps you mean "civility"? Treatment of women is very much cultural based. The short answer is that you should treat women as individuals, finding out what each one would like. What one woman finds...
do you find it objectionable the way religion encourages such servility and solipsism in it's followers?
They know the truth they just can't come to terms with the end of their beliefs.