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Compound-complex sentences?
Any large sentence is basically just a couple of smaller sentences connected... are all based on A: How many small (simple) sentences are connected and B: What kind of conjunction you use to...
compound sentences: This sentence is composed of two simple...trouble again, "yet" it didnt matter to me complex sentences:Complex sentences contain 2 parts...
Sentence Pattern? Please Help!?
"Sentence patterns" is just...there are six English sentence patterns; some say eight. ...quot; or "for _______"), the sentence pattern is shown as...
sentence fragments?
It's a sentence that is incomplete. The easiest way to tell is if you can... fragment: A dog that is black. Complete sentence: The dog is black. Sentence fragment: A ...
what is a topic sentence?
Writing Topic Sentences A topic sentence (also known as a focus sentence.... For example, consider the following topic sentence: Many fast-food chains make their...
The sentence by donald Barthelme?
Or a long sentence moving at a certain pace down the page aiming for the bottom-if not the...own (temporary) existence, which ends when the page is turned, or the sentence falls out of the mind that holds it (temporarily) in some kind of embrace...
About sentences...?
Complete sentence: expresses a whole thought or idea and contains both a subject... starts with the verb and ends at the end of a sentence. "walked home." Fragment: Does not have both subject...
Determinate/indeterminate Sentencing?
Indeterminate sentencing means that you are given a minimum sentence...leniency by parole boards. The problem with determinate sentencing is that you must release the criminal.
1. What are the purposes of criminal sentencing?
Sentencing strategies are usually decided based on several factors. The public expectation...and Law. It is not unusual for public sentiment to run high when there is an expectation of a sentence being imposed however the judge has to apply the law which may not be sufficient a punishment as public...
State the difference between a simple sentence and a compound sentence.?
SIMPLE SENTENCE A simple sentence, also called an independent... three examples above are all simple sentences. Note that sentence B contains a...