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School? You think everyone is a school-age kid? I have a kid in school so I monitor this section but my school days are long behind me.
info on schools?
Private schools are independent from the public school system and they charge tuition. system that offer some sort of special curriculum. For example, in my school district we have magnet schools for foreign language, fine arts, and technology...
Charter schools?
A charter school is a school run by a private group that gets its funding...district must approve its operation in order for it to get funding. The school district does not provide the charters with a building, they must...
research on grier middle school?
W.P. Grier Middle School Mission Statement Our... for participation and growth in all school activities. 4. Learning is...
... on where you live. I teach in a private school, and I can say that if you want your child to... and be sure to attend open houses for all schools you might consider. All the best in ...
I have been out of School for 33 years. We did not have in School Suspension...
School Uniforms?
A lot of schools require uniforms to remove distractions and as... and our accomplishments in the school setting. It may sound totally uncorrelated, but it really...
Myspace at school!!!!!!?
School computers are for doing school work. Trying to get computer usage policy. You can and probably will get suspended from school or get banned from using school computers. There ...
private schools are meant for more one on one teaching and is right for you. if being social is a big part then public school is better.
what is the future of public schools?
I believe congregated home schooling efforts will be the future. Just a few...a violent bullying and teasing at public school, can be more readily avoided...the children...