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What would you do if your Russian wife calmly takes the kitchen knife with a smile after you tell her firmly that you won't help her country?
That is about as absurd of a scenario as has been posted here in a while. Although not nearly as vile or insulting as others. You gave me a laugh. Thanks.
What load index tire do I need to use for my 2011 Toyota Corolla S?
... traction, worse fuel economy, etc. In a worst case scenario, it could mean loss of control and resulting in a crash. After all, the...
Why is Bernie Sanders endorsing left wing Muslims who are against gay rights and abortions?
...the left, refuses to report on it. It is their nightmare scenario. Two racial minorities at each others throats. ...
Had two dates with a girl. She said that she might not be available for a couple weeks but I can check in and see.?
wait a week or so, then text her
so Believers in God imagine this scenario and answer the question see details.?
Well...surprised at some of the Christian answers given Abraham's story in the Bible. I don't have children, so that is likely a huge factor... but I think I would in fact begrudgingly follow the instruction...
What rank would I be commissioned with in the Army with my credientials?
Two scenarios: Commissioning as a regular officer, O1. And direct commission...
Now it's my turn. Enlarged heart when is it time?
... in evident pain, consider euthanasia. We went through a nearly identical scenario with one of ours this spring (minus the recent anesthesia). After severe...
which types of people like the show "FRIENDS" so much & WHY? it was/is so dull?
It was a possible scenario, and one that attracted guys who could only "HOPE" to...
Religion section?
...know... if there is a life after death, it seems one of the most likely scenarios. One lifetime would be a silly waste of an immortal soul, as would the idea of eternal...
Next April I am supposed to go to a family wedding with my dad in Colorado. My mom is doing all she can to stop it, what do I do?
Maybe you need to tell her that her behavior is only pushing you closer to your father. Because it sounds like she is bitter and hasn't moved on. It doesn't sound like your father has any...