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Would 1st scenario be double jeopardy, and would 2nd scenario be a jurisdiction problem, et?
Your first scenario raises two major points. The first... not available at the time. Your second scenario raises jurisdictional issues and proper notification...
BQ: How would your characters react to these random scenarios?
1st Scenario: Your characters are having a nice peaceful day at...let a little rain ruin her chance of having a nice time. 2nd Scenario: One of your characters wins a sweepstakes that ...
What would you do in these scenarios and why?
First scenario... Its a no win situation either 5 will die or 1 will die unavoidable...driver of the train would have no choice but to kill someone. Second scenario. I would not push him.... since I am not...
What is the worst case scenario?
Scenario 1 - Clinton got saddled with a terrorist attack on the ...something like that happened at the start of Obama's presidency. Scenario 2 - Do you really think any politician would say something like that? I know...
how does scenario paintball work?
Scenario paintball is just that, a round of paintball that has a theme or scenario instead of just elimination. For... to get the VIP from the start point to another point without getting killed. So basically, scenario based paintball is just a fun way to change things up a bit.
If you were a NHL general manager, what would you do in the following scenario?
Scenario #1 First of all, I assume I have been named GM of an existing...year I continue to assess the team. I draft defense and to start, and then draft forwards. Scenario #2 First of all, I assume I have been named GM of an existing...
LMAO i love this scenario Me: * groans* ouch MJ: *worried* i'll get the...
Body Image Scenarios?
Scenarios? Not really sure what you mean by that. Hmmm. Men vs women...
Drug Scenarios? 1O POINTS!!!?
Scenario #1 1) You are being offered a drink and you are underage. 2) Have... or a friend. 5) Yes you made a good choice because you avoided trouble. Scenario #2 1)The driver has been drinking. 2)Go with the person and put ...
What would a Jehovah's Witness do in this scenario?
Interesting scenario... It's too bad we have to consider these types of... because of his beliefs. As in your scenario, who do you call when the government, who is supposed to...