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Samsung Galaxy vs iPhone?
... is why I believe that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is better...- Love cloud storage well Samsung is offering 50gb free of charge...
Where is the company Samsung located?
Samsung, like many other companies, is a global company. Their world ..., CA, started in mid-2013 and due for completion in 2015. Samsung has many subsidiaries and affiliates all around the world...
Which Samsung Smart Phone is better ?
samsung galaxy s2 because it is a stylish device reflecting spectacular of the best Android phone till date. Advantages of Samsung Galaxy S2: Slim and light - Despite of big and...
samsung phones? the Mysto from Helio? It's actually made by Samsung and is also known as the Samsung SGH-a523. It...
Samsung for sure is better. With Samsung, you things...s5 is waterproof, and it's more reliable. i've had an lg and a samsung and with samsung, you get more bang for your buck.
Samsung or iPhone? And why?
Samsung. All around a better phone. I have a Samsung and went to an iphone and ...break too easy and theres always problems. I have not had one problem with my Samsung. I lost it in the snow for 4 days and when it melted I found it and it ...
Unlock AT&T Samsung Mythic Phone?
You can Unlock the Samsung Mythic Phone using the ...certain amount of wrong unlock codes on your Samsung A897 Mythic mobile phone, your...
which is the best lcd samsung or sony?
Samsung and Sony have a joint venture that produces the glass panels..., the quality of the panels is the same whether it's a Samsung or Sony because Samsung manufactures them. ...
Can all samsung phone use sim cards?
No, some samsung phones actually run on the CDMA network (Verizon, Sprint...there is a particular phone you are trying to find, perhaps go to the samsung website and search under GSM phones, or search under one of the GSM...
Samsung or LG LCD TV?? Why??
Samsung is a much better brand then Lg. They have been... on. LG makes good tvs but comparing the two samsung is a much better brand. Samsung also makes lcds...