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How to identify salts?
A salt is often defined as bing a...anion of the acid. Acid + base --> salt + water ========== Follow up... ionic, and the compound is still a salt. Yet when CuCl2 ...
Question about Kosher Salt?
Kosher salt is larger grained & naturally dried (verse chemicals .... This site has more definitely on kosher, not sure about salt itself: I agree kosher stuff is often ...
Sea Salt . . . . . . . .?
Nutritionally, none. It’s just salt. Really. There are some trivial ...39;ve used really expensive "fleur de sel" sea salt, and it tastes like salt. Some, more expensive...
TV chefs, cooks, and salt?
Using Sea Salt is good for the taste and good for you, unless you get a processed "...or yellow because the other minerals are not white. If the sea salt in the store is white, then it has been processed...
An acid salt please ?
Acid salt is a chemical compound, formed when a dibasic or tribasic acid has... needed to neutralize the sulfuric acid (H2SO4) to produce this salt. When preparing sodium hydrogensulfate (NaHSO4, an acid salt), half...
iodized or sea salt?
There are three basic types of salt: Table salt – mined using water to create a brine. ... from there to create varieties like: Pickling salt, Canning salt, Coarse salt, Gos sel – fine grained without iodine...
Table salt is almost purely sodium chloride, with a small amount of calcium silicate added to prevent it from caking and help it flow freely. Kosher salt is a coarse, flake salt with no additives.The flakes...
what are the steps to produce salt?
Sea Salt? There are more than one way to make a sea salt or table salt. ...if you do not have any machine to make it, you can make it manually by having a Salt pans. Or you can make a container looks like a bath tub outside...
what is cosha salt?
Perhaps you mean "kosher salt". Kosher salt is salt that is used to prepare...quot;kosher". You can Google "kosher" and "kosher salt" to find out more.
ice with salt?
Adding salt to the ice/water mix causes a temperature drop that slows the ... that the ice melts more and more slowly after the initial addition of salt. Adding salt (or any foreign substance) to the water upsets the delicate balance...