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what is the different between dextrose and saccharose?
Dextrose is another name for glucose.Monosaccharide C6H12O6 Saccharose is another name for sucrose. Sucrose is a disaccharide of glucose and fructose C12H22O11
which is worse for you body, tetrahydrocannabinol or saccharose?
Well, THC can be bad for you in terms of the dietary, exercise, and mental stimulation options available to the incarcerated. And the stoners who like to drive 35 on the highway sometimes aggravate me, although I'm sure they aren't...
How can I group these by molecular family?
... agents: Thiourea, Urea Polymers: Saccharose, Dextrose
What sugar is not toxic?
Polysaccharides like starch and disaccharides like sucrose and lactose must be digested to monosaccharides prior to absorption in the gut. Digestion of the sugars is carried out by enzymes secreted by the...
What type of sugar is used in cotton candy?
Sacarose/Saccharose. It's the same thing, only two different ways to say it.
Why does hemolysis occur faster in some solutions?
Water is hypotonic to the red blood cells and so water enters freely by osmosis and the cells swell and eventually burst. Solutions will have dissolved material in them and so have a lower water potential and as a result water will enter the...
Plants: osmotic advantage of turning sugar into starch after photosynthesis?
Simple: glucose, fructose and saccharose ("sugars") are water-soluble and therefore osmotically active. ...
what is the molecular formula of granulated sugar?
table sugar is C12H22011. also called saccharose
how can ethanol be produced from sugarcane juice?
Sugarcane juice contains a large percentage of saccharose (C12H22O11). Saccharose hydrolyzed give grape sugar...
what does the solubility curve for sugar look like?
Assuming you mean solubility of saccharose against temperature, in liquid water, 2-3 key items in your question, it...