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Is it true that you can gain weight this fast?
You would lose weight but it's just water and then you'll gain it all back.
is tryvon martin's friend/girlfriend ?
She is not rtarted.. I'm not sure you are totally with it.
Built a computer from garage sale parts... aka used and not sooo old but they work decently and theres a prob.?
i'd say it's graphics card but it could be power supply you might want to try something a little less power hungry like a usb linux or live cd version of linux if you can just boot into another less resource intensive os you could answer a few questions whether or not it's power supply graphics card or the os if you can boot a live...
When are the aliens coming?
if someone divorced me can i remarry?
1. Learn to type 2. Remarry 50 times if you want to... dont ask anyone else about it... its your choice (NOT GOD's, NOT FUNDY's NOT EVEN MINE)
i feel ashamed of myself : (?
I can 100% guarantee that you will not die before having a girlfriend. I predict you'll have many, and eventually marry one of them in 10-15 years.
I need help!?
Been there too....kind of. Well first tell him that you can go to the party but you can't sleep over. When you go to the party bring a friend with you, but not a guy you like because then you're friends just might get mad and start something. Make sure you bring a close friend and she...
Is it fair to make fun of.?
Maybe you should bring your girlfriend to that movie Ringer with the guy from Jackass who pretends to be retarded so he can win the special olympics. Besides that, I do think it is wrong to laugh at peopel with disabilities...