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Would you want to beat the snot out of some parent if they called your child mentally retard out of hate. I would beat the snot out of them.?
Man or women yes
If Kim Jung Un repeatedly called trump saying "Cash me ousside how bow dah" over and over again, would trump eventually respond militarily?
Liberals praise that retarded crap
Why does Armouror have bent, yellow teeth?
Because he is a retarded Brit/Aussie(not sure which one because he's a liar and has claimed both at times).
why the son of sicarius is a dirty smelly retard arrogant pussy?
it happens
How much weed to astronomers smoke?
It's not that they smoke too much weed it's that they have a tendency to exaggerate what they think they know to boost their ego and show off.
Prolargentsize........ Is that spam or some no life retard ?
Both. I think he might be related to the circumcision fetish troll, as well as the 'Koolgurl' one who constantly posts about her cute brother being turned on by her 16/17/18 y.o. hot body... the list goes on.
How many people are so retarded they don't realize that unsupported claims about Trump says FAR more about THEM than Trump?
They haven't taken much notice because they're too busy piling on. It makes them feel like they're part of something bigger than themselves. Plus, they receive participation trophies which is a big thing to them.
Religiously do you get why lowly peasants would have written the bible, it is almost like a retarded kid wrote the bible its so simple?
Time to write the Bible. THE Bible was written over a period of 1,600 Years, By 40 Different authors, and is supported by Biblical Archeology. The...
Why do liberals believe non-citizens have constitutional rights in America?
Remember, THESE are the same people who never heard of the Electoral College, which has been around for 250 years, so they aren't really up on what's current....
Isn't it great how federal judges are forcing Trump to comply with the Constitution?
Trump and his retard supporters are learning fast that Trump doesn't have much power. He is a President not a king.