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Is the word "roughly" unprofessional?
Roughly 1 in 3 will disagree with you... I believe it is an acceptable form of descriptive labeling, that...comfortable to use with guessing dog's ages, as it is to handle an unruly he goat..."Roughly, she grappled with the great animal as it struggled". Maybe the cause of complaint...
How long have humans been on earth roughly?
... to the Bible and population models, roughly 6000 years. Evolutionary figures... open to extract marrow. The bones date to roughly 3.4 million years ago and provide the first evidence...
What happens if I drink roughly 2 litres of 40-proof alcohol?
Two litres is roughly one and one seventh handle. One handle is roughly 35 shots...
1400 calories = how many weight watchers points? roughly.....?
Roughly 28 depending on the amount of fat and dietary fiber in the foods you...
Roughly How many words do you learn in a year?
Roughly 200?! I actually keep track of it?! All my respect to you...
Roughly how many Stars does the Milky Way contain?
There are roughly 1 Septillion stars in the Universe. That ...
How much does a plane ticket from Chicago to California cost?
roughly 150 to 800 If you said a California city and a time of the year, I could be very specifc
ROBERT FROST CRISIS 'There are roughly zones'??!?
there are roughly zones is one of Frost's short ... is an apparent complex tones of Roughly Zones making it interesting to analyze...
In roughly 1000 years, how many generations have passed?
... How Many People Have ... you are roughly ... of generations that have passed in this time). Even if the...
Cost to get my facial hair (eye brows, beard, mustache) lined up and trimmed at a barber shop?
Roughly more than $20.00....Call around to salons and they will give you a rough estimate.