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What does this mean?
Feeding=providing food for the people (hard to do when the numbers rise fast). Preconditions are things that are needed before another thing can even happen. In this case, things like basic education, construction of basic infrastructure like...
But Christians, seriously. What does it mean to struggle with homosexuality? Is it a psychological problem? If not, what is it?
...because it is between consenting adults. That the only requirement for two people to have sex is "consent" is not what ...
concerning entry requirements.can i be rejected by just being one grade off for gcse maths(instead of A i have a B)?
You can certainly apply. It will depend on how many other candidates apply for that course and their marks in general. Don't let it put you off. UK
How does the oath go that a person has to say when they swear in to become President of United States?
... believes, there is ABSOLUTELY NO requirement to place your hand on ANYTHING while taking the oath. ...
Traffic ticket with no court date and no fine amount?
Contact the court and ask them for details. Do NOT ignore this or it will surface on you at the worst possible time.
Would it be weird to ask to keep my hair after getting it cut?
Not weird at all. A lot of women keep their hair for various reasons: to donate, as a keepsake for themselves, or as a gift to a boyfriend or husband who (probably) loved their long hair. Since you plan to shave (or if you were to go super short), the...
Some emancipation questions (Oregon)?
... county is about the same as Multnomah county on the requirements. Specific Information for Multnomah County...
Can I trade my Permit for a Photo ID?
No requirements at all. You walk into the DMV (or whatever the DMV is...
If you're applying for an art college, it doesn't matter your GPA and stuff for subjects other then the ones related to art, right?
...of art university, capella, and others. If so, there may not be too many requirements for admissions, however, their course credits usually do ...
Can my girlfriend shoot my pistol at the range if she doesn't have a permit?
...another indoor range in town will allow anyone to walk in and shoot- they do have an age requirement or must be accompanied by an adult.