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What's the exams American schools do instead of Alevel exam?How many subject do they do?In which grade do they have to choose the subjects?
...from high school (usually at age 17 or 18). High schools have graduation requirements that include the number or classes or credits they have to earn...
What is the current law in Pennsylvania regarding booster seats?
The law doesn't matter. YOU don't want your daughter out of a booster, and rightfully so. So you tell your MIL that she is not allowed to transport your child if she won't follow your rules. And that in fact...
Can I transfer an associate s degree in Network Security to a bachelor s in Computer Science?
...on what major (computer Science) you want there will be specific classes/requirements you will have to meet and classes you will have to take to achieve that major on...
Physics Question?
... @morningfox's approach is sound, it does not conform to the requirements of the problem statement -- we "know" neither the mass of the moon nor the ratio...
Does my passport need to be got 6 months before I leave?
...a return or onward ticket leaving North America is a requirement, so have a copy of your airline itinerary at passport control. Check with...
Is this website Baitbus real? Basically it is a website where they have a van and they have an attractive woman in there and then they?
Not real, acting. Govt requirements regarding age and documentation make amateur scenes almost impossible to release publicly. And some of the actors can be recognized from other professional gigs.
Does Cabin Crew/flight attended (does is male can do this) is good job for someone who had mild AS, does is difficult? (Ryanair airlines)?
Yes there are men, and you could go look-into it, what is the worst thing that could happen, they say no....
Employment Question (Sam's Club)?
There is no requirement that Sam's (or anyone) pay you an overnight differential. At any time...
Study Abroad for the month of July in South Korea?
You can buy short term travel health insurance and it's not even expensive. I bought mine through BCAA (the Canadian version of AAA in BC) but there are several ways to get it. Talk to your local travel agent.
I'm scared that I will gain all the weight back that I lost!?
... than someone who shares a similar frame because their metabolism requirements are different than yours. Don't live or die by a ...