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I got banned from devientart from age restriction! Im only 12, how do I fix this?
Wait until you're old enough to meet their requirements and try creating a new account.
In the bible it says we are to observe Holy the Sabbath Day. What does that mean for those who follow the bible?
... that God was trying to teach with the particular requirements he choose. For example, there were many representations of...
Why do atheists always say "don't push your religion on me" but then they are always pushing their atheism on us?
Intellectual dishonesty and hypocrisy are a requirement to become an atheist. Also, you seem to imply that such a double standard is...
I have no degree. Am a good programmer, of better in Iran. I did write an NMS telecom software at age of 19 which Chinese didn't. Any help?
What exactly are you asking? If you want to live in Israel - look at the requirements for moving there
annoying habits of cashiers?
she just liked your book
Cruise ship?
That would be the normal requirement,. If the cruise ship is not leaving home country waters...
I want to join the Airforce but I can only lift 75 pounds?
... of the web sites that you can search have weight lifting requirements for an AFSC -- if any exist.
What would happen if you had a contest to see who became president?
Sounds like the way they pick homecoming kings and queens. Sounds like how Obama got elected, a popularity contest as opposed to qualifications.
Why aren’t military veterans strong enough to deal with PTSD?
...everyone is not as strong and tough as you. It’s not like a recruitment requirement is being strong and tough, so you can expect that they can’t handle the...
Is it a requirement to love or hate people with mental disability? Esp when you intend not to make a contact with them or talk about them?
Everyone deserves to be respected