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what is a non refundable reservation fee on house that is being occupied?
Non refundable reservation fee means you don't get the money back under certain condition ...which this reservation fee is non refunable. In a lease option deal, the non refundable fee is the deposit you put down that goes towards the purchase of the property...
Are greyhound bus tickets refundable? destination. Partially used one-way tickets are not refundable. Partially used round trip-tickets may be submitted...
$8,000 tax credit - what does 'refundable' really mean?
Refundable credits mean you get it even if you don't owe that much tax. A...
The non-refundable tickets are much cheaper, but you can't refund them...
Why are refundable flights more expensive than nonrefundables?
Refundable tickets only mean the airlines would refund most of the air fares...
nonrefundable and refundable credits related to taxes?
Non-refundable means when your taxes due get to zero the credit does end up getting back more than you paid in. Obviously, if refundables were applied first and then non-refundables, there...
How do you account for refundable fees?
Refundable fees are a liability. Estimated fees refundable within a year are current liabilities, and fees refundable over a year from balance sheet date are long-term liabilities.
are airplane tickets refundable?
There are refundable tickets, and there are non-refundable tickets. What...
Is the SAT test refundable?
The only way that it is refundable, is if you contact the company that offers the SAT well before the...
Are airline tickets refundable?
When you order plane tickets, there is usually a refundable option. It works like a deposit, where you can't get that money back...