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World War Two reenacting
Reenacting is very important at bringing to life the history of the United States. Fighting.... He just wants people to see that terrible time in Irish history. To do reenacting well you just have to read, research, and understand the past. You never have to believe in evil to represent it...
Civil War or WWI reenacting?
...cavalry and the gorgeous war horses. You get to do a lot MORE reenacting in the Civil War because it was a much more physical war --- close...
Would this musket work for civil war reenacting?
...proof-tested. You will have to join a reenacting club or unit in order to reenact, and all units.... Then decide whether your interest in reenacting will withstand such an expense. That ain't bad...
civil war reenacting?
... instance I portray a western (now the midwest) Federal infantryman. Reenacting inviolves a significant investment in both time and money. My advice ...
How do get into reenacting? Victorian, Cilvil War era?
Reenacting can be explored by just exploring the web and reading several books on how to... not on stage and then ask them any questions that you have. You will find that reenacters are quite willing to tell you how to get involved and they will help you get started...
is it possible to reenact a battle that never happened?
Well, no, you can't reenact something that didn't happen, but that doesn't mean you can't stage a representative... of research. You could research one of the actual battles and reenact it, although that would require going to the area where it happened or...
Blank firing gun for reenacting?
I do civil war reenacting. Wait until you join your group and they will give you guidance for what...
Do you need to be white to reenact WWII?
... don't mention your nationality or the nation for who you wish to "reenact", but... The US had several Japanese-...
I find myself physically reenacting things without realizing it?
... I have a similar problem I. Catch myself sometimes reenacting certain situations... for example it happens with weird situations...
Why hasn't your family reenacted a bloody stain on humanity's collective history?
I reenacted the Battle of Hastings on my school playground once. Does that count?