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Recommend good MAINLAND chinese or korean dramas?
★★★★★★Latest Recommended Dramas:★★★★★★ -Swallow the.../Hon ( EXTREMELY RECOMMENDED; This is a horror drama up to 10...
Books to recommend? ?
Recommend them? Oh yes, I can recommend them, but to give a summary...
What hapend to recommended?
The Recommended Questions list was a trial change for... received many comments about the Recommended Questions feature. These are only...
Getting gerbils, what do you recommend?
I recommend you get a same sex pair. A tank with a mesh lid is a great place to house... are little escape artists. For bedding, I recommend aspen shavings, carefresh, and aspen pellets. Out of all the...
Can some recommend weight loss diet??
I recommend that instead of trying to diet, to change your whole lifestyle...the morning, or another granola bar. after that i do a cardio routine! I recommend the fat melter from She ...
Would you recommend the Nintendo 3DS XL?
Recommend it as opposed to what, exactly? A regular 3DS? Any DS-based system? A... (and I'm not a big person). I'm not sure if you're asking if people would recommend it compared to a regular 3DS, or compared to a Vita, or compared to an ...
What do you recommended?
I recommend the Sims 3 Pets. The expansion pack is lovely, with ..., the expansion pack is fun, easy to use, and has variety. I recommend The Sims 3 Pets.
What tea would you recommend to someone who completely hates tea?
I would recommend making sure you are actually drinking tea :) Well, at least... are horrible cr*p which can't be called a tea. I recommend finding a place that really specializes in teas and then taste...
Which seasons would you recommend?
i would recommend supernatural. amazing show, its about two brothers who hunt supernatural... in it are really good looking! Another show i can recommend is smallville. It is about clark kent when he was a teenager...
recommended Earphones or Headphones?
Hmmmm, i wouldn't recommend Bose, they're earphones are very very poorly... with any of these. for hadphones i recommend AKG:,pcatid,4...