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Psychological anime?
Elfen Lied is psychological, but not as good as SEL or NGE in my...really innocent, but takes a turn and just goes psychologically insane. Great characters, great plot, great...
Psychological terrorism?
Psychological terrorism is typically a form of terrorism that primarily targets people’s...fairly benign and easily ignored or more severe and adversely affect numerous other psychological issues or disorders. As a form of terrorism, it can be ...
Psychological egoism Q?
Psychological egoism is defined "as a factual description of human affairs... otherwise." It's what we usually call hedonism. "Psychological egoism describes human nature as being wholly self-centered and...
what is psychological distance? help?
Psychological distance: The term used to refer to the learner's overall psychological set with regard to the which others adjust information for the learner in order to be fully comprehended (interpsychic). Psychological distance appears to serve both organizing and explanatory functions across seemingly diverse...
Which would you rather use, psychological or physical punishment?
Psychological. Not physical because telling a child what they've done wrong...which a child would think about that. It's smack and move on. At least psychological provides a context for the child to THINK about the situation. ...
psychological libya issues?
Psychological warfare is a broad definition really, it's as simple as scaring an enemy to thinking they'll lose as to feeding populaces with propaganda. If the regime is crushed, then... with the Soviet Union in the Middle East in the 80's and establish a government ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood. This would be a pretty good psychological mind****.
What is psychological warfare?
Psychological warfare is using a persons fears against them. The perfect example of this is what the US did the last time there was a middle eastern terrorist attack prior to...home to tell the story to other Muslims. There was not a single terrorist attack by Muslims on US soil for nearly 50 years. This was a very gruesome successful example of psychological warfare.
Psychological war?
Psychological warfare is the planned use of propaganda and other psychological actions.... Most of the events throughout history involving psychological warfare utilized tactics that instilled fear or a sense of awe towards...
What's the Difference between Traditional horror and Psychological horror ?
Psychological horror tends to be based more around emotional and psychological states, and typically doesn...strictly from outside sources, though outside sources may be and are often involved. Psychological horror also usually involves slightly more thinking and awareness of the characters and...
What is a moral situation where psychological egoism does not apply?
Psychological egoism is merely a description of the way in which a person acts. "Egoism has...own interests and desires, and they cannot be described otherwise." Psychological egoism is of the descriptive variant, because it is certainly not 'normative'. "Psychological...