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Is there a difference between FLAT RATE & Priority USPS shipping?
There are flat rate priority boxes. They are between $9 and $13 to ship regardless of weight... things that way more than 1lb. I shipped an item priority and it weighed like 30lbs and it cost over $100 to ship. It was...
question about Priority Mail delivery times?
Priority Mail is guaranteed 2-3 days. Not all was sent early morning. I would expect it to arrive tomorrow. Priority Mail isn't sent out with a special driver, so it will arrive at the...
USPS Priority Mail plz help?
Priority Mail is quite reliable and 98% of it will be delivered in 2... in the PM at any post office, a 3 day delivery is likley. Priority mail mailed anytime on Friday will arrive on Mondays 80% of...
Yahoo Fantasy Football Waiver Priority?
Your initial waiver priority will be based on the draft order, in reverse, exactly what the draft and so on. So to some it up: initial waiver priority is always reverse draft order to start. After that it...
military PO addresses - Is priority mail faster to you? Or just more expensive?
priority is the ONLY option Priority /first class is...base vice a deployment location for instance) it takes about 7-10 days for Priority/first class. about 2-3 times that for parcel post. no one actually...
What are priority dates for college apps?
Priority deadline = "This is the day we start looking at applications... applications in case we don't." If a school has a priority deadline, you want to apply before then. However, if you decide to apply after...
The opposite of "top priority"???
priority goes on a scale - top priority 2nd priority 3rd priority needed lowest (or "last") priority. non-priority means it is not even considered worthy of being given a priority at all.
What are your priorities in life?
My top priority is making sure that my fiancee (and eventually my husband, and...
Is USPS Priority Mail airmail or ground?
Priority Mail within the U.S. is supposed to be ...that would require the package being shipped on a plane. I think Priority Mail would go by ground only if the origin post office and destination post...
...person in relation to you? Why do you want to make them your priority? In what reference do you mean prioity? What would it mean sacrificing...