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What does "most-previously" mean?
Previously just applies to things in the past. In your example... are out order. In the phrase, "The "most-previously-obtained something" the "most" applies to "...
Milky way more massive than previously thought?
... Way have found our galaxy is more massive than previously thought. High-precision measurements of the Milky...
NCIS S.7 Ep. 15 previously?
The previously on NCIS clip is from 5x10 Corporal Punishment...
The world crisis: real or previously planned (conspiracy idea)?
Previously planned. Interview with Aaron Russo http://video...
Aspergers Syndrome and Schizophrenia: Why were people with aspergers previously misdiagnosed as Schizophrenic?
I was previously diagnosed as psychotic - it didn't have a great effect, it was just...
Previously bleached hair...?
... bleached my hair for over a year if shebleaches previously bleached hair she's going to fry it. She should just add...
What is meant by " previously previewed " in Youtube?
Previously viewed means you have clicked on this link before, and seen that video before. Thus it has been viewed before you clicked opened that page, meaning viewed previously.
what is the term given to reviewing a previously done research?...i really need it...pleasee....?
Previously done research that is credible contains FACTS, which you...
Help! I need to train my dog that was previously abused!?
First, do you have firm knowledge that the dog was previously abused? With alot of rescue or abandonment cases, everybody ...
Previous of Previously?
Actually, it's PRIOR, not previous/previously.. "Almost two years prior, she bought a cat"...