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what is pretty?
Pretty: attractive, lovely, good-looking. But that's just the dictionary...just because you do. People often confuse an opinion as a label. And pretty is mixed up in the same way. If someone says "she...
what does pretty mean?
pretty |ˈpritē| adjective ( -tier , -tiest ) attractive in a delicate way without being truly beautiful or handsome : a pretty little girl with an engaging grin. • [ attrib. ] informal...emphatic or wheedling form of request. be sitting pretty informal be in an advantageous position or situation : if she could...
define pretty??
Pretty describes appearance. Beautiful can be used for appearance or...can't pick just a few. You just have to see someone to know if they're pretty or not. I can't describe it.
i never feel pretty?
Pretty is as pretty does. You are only as pretty as you feel. It is what is on the inside that counts. Have a pretty spirit...kind, gentle, giving, etc...and it will make you look pretty on the outside...
What is pretty?
pretty is having smooth skin, pretty is having a nice smile, pretty is having good hygene, pretty is being nice...but beautiful...
Pretty Green Eyes lyrics?
Pretty green eyes, So full of sparkle and such light, Let me...ll always stay, never have to be alone. Younever have to be alone (x2) Pretty green eyes, so full of wonder and despair its all right to cry for i...
how do i know if people think i am pretty?
to get pretty, make sure your body is in top condition, no extra cellulite ... face!! kay then, if u want to know if people think you're pretty, first ask some close friends/relatives. or even...
Define Pretty?
Pretty is not something someone is born with. Its not there type of personality...the morning, its not the makeup or the car that you drive. What is pretty is what is beautiful. Someone who has real character...
What does unconventional pretty mean?
Pretty in an "off the wall" or unusual way. The way I've always... to a woman who is "classically" or "conventionally" pretty, her nose is too broad and blunt at the tip...her eyes...
Pretty Ricky lyrics PLZ!!!!!!!?
Pretty Ricky - Searching For Love Lyrics (Talkin’): We can...low Super freaky Leo Hit ‘em den I’m gone Lovin’ all nite to a Pretty Ricky song Love dem Capricorns, 'cause’ dey stay so horny Sex in da morning...