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Comic premise?
The comic premise is what makes the situation unusual or unexpected. An old comic premise... for the children. As sex roles have become more fluid, this premise is no longer as funny as it once was, since most men these...
what is contradictory premises?
Contradictory Premises. Conclusions are drawn from the... question, because questions with contradictory premises are such brain teasers. In each...
What does premise mean? 1. To state in advance as an introduction or explanation. 2. To state or assume...person that causes change in themselves through a battle with an opponent. Premise is what the drama is about. It commits the story to one...
What are major and minor premises?
Major premise: "In a categorical syllogism, the premise whose terms are... the predicate term of the conclusion will be found in the major premise, and that is what makes it the 'major' premise. Minor...
Can someone explain a premise to me in context to logic?
Premises are statements that directly support the... up into groups of three--two premises and a conclusion. In an argument, the conclusion..., use of an authority merely supports a premise, and does not make an argument by itself...
Premise and Conclusion Help?
Premise 1 (P1): In logic, an argument requires a set of (at least) two declarative sentences (or "propositions") known as the premises along with another declarative sentence (or "proposition") known as the conclusion...
What is a premise and an argument?
A premise is taken--for the sake of the argument or the syllogism which it is.... An argument can be as simple as a single syllogism. But a single premise will almost never stand up as an argument. "I did not lie", for...
Philosophy question about premises and conclusions.?
One premise works for inductive reasoning, not deductive reasoning. The...therefore, it will rise tomorrow. You have the problem of validity, but not because one premise is missing: "A deductive argument is said to...
Attacks to inference and premise?
The premises are that the lady just finished drinking nine large bottles... is the process by which that conclusion is derived from those premises. If your response is that she has a high tolerance to...
What is the difference between a premise and a proposition?
premise - A proposition upon which an argument is based... drawn. In other words: a premise is an assumption that something is true. In...proof of a conclusion depends on both the truth of the premises and the validity of the argument.