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SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY! preferably other women?
preferably other women? do you not think that if it's a man doing it then...
need some opinions (uk preferably)?
Don't know why you would outline UK preferably, but I am in the US and will give this one a go anyway. ...
preferred or preferably?
1. Think of it this way: "...but (they are) preferably (planted) in winter." This way, it's more clear that 'preferably...
Where can I buy ORANGE hair dye, preferably permanent?
Hi Noname.! You can buy ORANGE hair dye preferably permanent on Amazon.
Need relationship help( preferably from a girl)?
...find interesting (not too boring) that's been a big issue (preferably not the news, maybe something local or cool that you've experienced). ...
i need dress advice...preferably girls answer!?
...a definite must (IMO)! But they don't have to be ridiculously high: preferably something you'd be comfortable to dance in (for a short time at least!). Black...
Why youth is preferably than old age?
Preferable, not preferably. On the other hand, one cannot bypass youth in order to get to old...
Recording xbox 360 HD?Preferably USB.?
..., you need a HD Tuner for your PC - preferably something that can handle component video or HDMI as an input. Something...
what are some things i can do with used tea bags (preferably beauty related?)?
A cold teabag (preferably chamomile) can be used to eliminate bags under your eyes...
another question for females only, preferably a doctor.?
...word 'slim' or 'junior' is fine. Second rule, a lubricant, preferably water-soluble. K-Y liquid or gel is perfect, but if there isn'...