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Precisely why do you think Jesus is the son of God?
Precisely because of what He said and what He did. I can't quote the entire gospels... - by His words, and by His actions. Now YOU tell ME, precisely, why you do NOT think Jesus is the Son of God. But because the Bible...
Precisely what time does the star Altair rise today? Tomorrow? The next day? Does the trend continue? Why?
Precisely what time any object rises depends precisely where you are. ...
Is it possible to predict the mRNA sequence precisely based on the Amino Acid sequence of a protein?
No, not precisely. The possible number of triplet codons in the genome is...
what does it mean by no copies yesterday no two nights will teach what bliss is in precisely the same way? copies yesterday, no two nights will teach what bliss is in precisely the same way, with precisely the same kisses. From the poem "...
What precisely is Escapism?
The word means "To escape", but more precisely to escape or seek distraction from the unpleasant realities of life. An example...
precisely in tagalog and as well in tagalog?
Precisely is translated as: nang tiyakan As well is translated as: din|tl|as%20well
What precisely is radiation?
...some terms give a lot of trouble in understanding the scientific fact so precisely. In general radiation means some thing coming out of a source in...
Can you find a function from R to R that's continuous precisely at the algebraic numbers?
...), then there's no function from R to R continuous precisely at the elements of S. This follows from the ...
Do you play precisely what is written in the sheet music,?
...example the dynamic marking piano tells you soft or quiet but it doesn't precisely tell you in terms of decibels the exact volume and articulation. As...
I need to precisely translate 'our eternity' into Latin, anyone knows the exact translation? (ANYONE WHO KNOWS LANGUAGE VERY WELL)?
You can't 'precisely translate' anything into Latin without knowing its grammatical function...