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laws on pottie training?
There are no potty training laws. There isn't even an age when it "should" be done by. Every child is different. I have been a mom for 29 years to 4 kids and I have been a child care provider in...
doggie pottie training?
How long it will take you to house train your dog depends on your dedication to the training process and your puppy's maturity and learning rate. Things you will need to housetrain your puppy are a properly fitted crate, a collar and...
Have you ever seen someone get tipped over in a porta pottie?
i once convinced my friend to use a porta pottie i banged on the door he dropped his cell phone in worth it...
My nephew is 3 yr old and doesnt know how to use the pottie!?
... moist toweletts but they are great and now they both are pottie trained
pottie training?
A sticker box in the bathroom cabinet, and everytime she goes in the potty she gets to choose a sticker. Just remebe to reward her for a good job, but don't punish her for not making it to the potty. Good luck!
Poll: Eddie (Twilight) or Pottie (Harry Potter)?
 Pottie (Harry Potter)
Pottie training a 3 year old boy.?
If you are using the pull ups, throw them out. They work just like a diaper and the kid can't feel wet, even with the ones that say they turn cold or whatever. With my 3 y/o, I just had to say enough was enough and got rid of...
Where do I begin on starting to pottie train my son?
A good way is to sit him down and point it down and then put his thighs together that will keep it from coming back up. Make going potty a big deal but don't make him feel bad for not wanting to do it or not being ready yet
Loddie Doddie, did you come to Party...?
No, I missed it. (because) Splish Splash, I was taking a bath.. or bash.
How to pottie train 5 month puppy?
Putting a pups noise in their urine does nothing then make them fear you, not allowing any control on your part. Your dog doesn't trust you... I crate train my pups. They go for a walk before bed. Go in the crate and in...